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High-engagement strategy that gets buy-in


Work redesign, change management, network analysis, managing complexity


Helping leaders manage complexity and change. Helping executive teams and boards perform at their highest level.


Managing global teams and organizations takes a whole different set of skills.
“Cheryl's insights are helping us improve our global operations.”
—International Manager, Global Services Company
Role: Project Kickoff, Team Development, Process Improvement & Customized Facilitation

“Cheryl helped us make sense of a complex work process and look at how to improve it.”

—- Barry, Senior Program Manager
Role: Strategic Planning, Process Improvement, Work Redesign, Team Development & Leadership Development

Process Improvement Work Redesign Team Development Leadership Development “Thanks for a tremendous job helping our IT division with its strategic planning…I received a lot of very positive feedback from people on the sessions."

—- Greg, Chief Information Officer
Role: Improve collaboration across departments Improve ability to work with Chinese and Indian colleagues in those countries

“This is the best course I’ve ever taken here.”

—- Michael, Finance Manager

“I have learned a lot I’m going to use immediately.”

—- Susan, Director
Role: Process improvement concerning work redesign

“Cheryl's vision for leading our discussions made our meetings really productive.”

—- Patricia, Director
Role: Team Development

“You helped our team look at how it worked and resolve differences. One year later we are still using the tools you taught us.”

—- Janice, Assistant Director
Role: Change management

"I never talk in meetings but Cheryl made this environment so comfortable."

—- Account analyst
Role: Improved global team's work through a customized off-site

"Really high quality work that is helping us improve our global operations."

—- International Manager
Role: Managed operations in 200,000-person refugee camp

“I wanted Cheryl for this job because she is the best manager of all the twenty-five organizations here.”

—- David, Senior Camp Officer