Role: Improve collaboration across departments Improve ability to work with Chinese and Indian colleagues in those countries

“This is the best course I’ve ever taken here.”

—- Michael, Finance Manager

“I have learned a lot I’m going to use immediately.”

—- Susan, Director
Role: Strategic Planning, Process Improvement, Work Redesign, Team Development & Leadership Development

Process Improvement Work Redesign Team Development Leadership Development “Thanks for a tremendous job helping our IT division with its strategic planning…I received a lot of very positive feedback from people on the sessions."

—- Greg, Chief Information Officer
Role: Process improvement concerning work redesign

“Cheryl's vision for leading our discussions made our meetings really productive.”

—- Patricia, Director
Role: Collaboration across departments

"This has really helped me."

—- Kristin, Manager


Role: Managed operations in 200,000-person refugee camp

“I wanted Cheryl for this job because she is the best manager of all the twenty-five organizations here.”

—- David, Senior Camp Officer
Role: Teacher and Trainer

“We chose Cheryl to be a trainer because we’re so happy with her work.”

—- Chuck, Thailand Desk Officer
Role: Oversight and management of international health programs

"You do an excellent job managing these projects and keeping me informed of the work in Kenya and the Philippines."

—- Richard, Vice President
Role: Improved global team's work through a customized off-site

"Really high quality work that is helping us improve our global operations."

—- International Manager
Role: Managed operations and programs of 50-person international staff

“Your ability to bring together staff from 11 countries into a team was amazing. You are a great communicator and leader.”

—- Jim, Country Director

“You are the best boss I’ve ever had.”

—- Panadda, Project Manager
Role: Managed logistics and finances

"Cheryl looked ahead at potential problems and were still able to manage a multi-cultural team in its daily work. She made my job much easier."

—- Lori, Medical Director


Role: Project Kickoff, Team Development, Process Improvement & Customized Facilitation

“Cheryl helped us make sense of a complex work process and look at how to improve it.”

—- Barry, Senior Program Manager
Role: Change management

"I never talk in meetings but Cheryl made this environment so comfortable."

—- Account analyst
Role: Improving collaboration across departments & Strategic planning

"I thought I knew this stuff, but you’ve really given me new tools and approaches for my work."

—- John, Operations Manager
Role: Improve collaboration across departments

"Excellent experience. I hadn’t expected to learn so much because I have a lot of work experience, but this was really good."

—- Tej, Senior IT Manager
Role: Improved communication of senior leadership group

"What a huge change in just one week's work together."

—- Director


Role: Increased collaboration between departments and divisions

"I plan to use what you've shown me tomorrow when I'm back at work."

—- Research scientist
Role: Improved senior IT managers' ability to deliver business value

"Lots of new strategies and tools to help me."

—- IT Manager
Role: Facilitated session on teambuilding

"Cheryl did a great job for our team-building. Thank you for your help Cheryl!"

—- Steve, President


Role: Improving Management Skills Change Management & Helping staff use time more productively

"I was so frustrated by some of the situations at work and now I have some tools and approaches for improving them."

—- Jane, Director
Role: Customer service and team development, Strategic planning & Focus groups

"Your strategic planning expertise really helped us move forward."

—- Pat, Director
Role: Strategic planning & Focus groups

"Cheryl's assessment and focus groups really helped us determine our needs."

—- Kelly, Director
Role: Improved staff productivity

"Your session was really good; we will use what we learned."

—- Paula, Director
Role: Improving Managerial Skills

"I learned a lot that I can use and I know others did, too."

—- Heather


Role: Leading change

"Your session at the conference I attended was so good that I wanted you to come here to present it."

—- Linda, Manager
Role: Visiting instructor for MBA communications class

"Thanks Cheryl for being the guest instructor for the MBA class. Several students came up to me after class saying good things about you."

—- Tony, MBA faculty
Role: Team Development

“You helped our team look at how it worked and resolve differences. One year later we are still using the tools you taught us.”

—- Janice, Assistant Director


Role: Assess development needs through focus groups

through focus groups “Exactly what we needed.”

—- —Michael, Director


Role: Customer service training

Role: Improved the consulting skills of IT project managers

"I will definitely apply what I learned -- especially about managing resistance; Cheryl is engaging and informative."