presentations + workshops.

solving the right problem.

We use the Action Research model, a proven social science methodology that provides a framework for fact-finding, planning, acting, and evaluating each unique situation. This data-driven approach enables us to present a whole-systems approach, to get at the core of the issues and help clients best understand the underlying causes.

Solutions that work.

Fulcra brings the different parts of your organization together to plan change. Change succeeds when many people in an organization truly understand the big picture. When a group is involved in crafting the solution, they have already "bought" into the change.

you own the situation.

You remain in control. Yet we work collaboratively with you and present data about your situation, to help you and your team analyze options, and then guide the changes you want to implement.

Craft Strategy

Everyone is operating on a plan, whether they are thoughtful of it or not.

Strategy is first and foremost about asking QUESTIONS and Fulcra can help you ask the RIGHT questions.

For example, can everyone in your institution answer the following questions?
1. What business are we in?
2. How are we going to "win" at this business?
3. Where do we want to be as a company in three years?

Fulcra specializes in high-engagement strategy and can help organizations of any size involve more people without all the pain. High-engagement strategy is valuable in two ways. You've considered more valuable perspectives and achieved buy-in from those involved which translates to a speedier implementation.

Implement Strategy + Change Management

Fulcra provides the expertise to navigate complex organizations and demonstrate how all the parts come together to execute the plan.

Once a decision has been made and a strategy has been set, is your company aligned to move you foward? What roadblocks are keeping you from achieving your goals? Fulcra specializes in solving the messy problems.

Additionally, understanding the organization's culture is paramount to successful implementation of any plan. A good strategy will take the company culture into account and better help the organization avoid potential pitfalls.

Leadership Development

Leadership development recognizes that we are in a complex, fast-moving global environment. Nuanced skills are required to be successful. Leaders must have the ability to manage complexity and change.

Many organizations overlook how the senior leadership team functions together. Does your leadership team operate like individual fiefdoms or are they collaborating?


Fulcra understands global challenges on two levels. Founder, Cheryl Lower Coonahan, has spent more than 15 years working with global organizations and can offer practical, theory-based solutions.